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Discover M.T.O. Made to order


It is an exclusive service offered by Shoe factory Fratelli Borgioli which permits to order a customized shoe featuring your name and –if you wish- in the leathers and colours you want, choosing among different options.
With Made To Order within only five weeks from the order, you will receive a unique shoe, specifically made for you by expert artisans. A shoe that express your personality and your look, ensuring a high comfort level to your feet.
Please do not buy an ordinary shoe. Made To Order by Borgioli allow you to wear an exclusive shoe, made exactly how you want and specifically made for you.

why to buy a Made To Order shoe by Borgioli

To fully enjoy a unique artisan shoe handmade for you.
To buy a shoe achieved from a production process that involves some two hundred operations by our skilled artisans.
To wear a product Made in Tuscany by a firm that produces hand-crafted shoes of superlative quality for over seventy years.
With Made To Order quality is guaranteed and certified by Borgioli.

how to buy a Made To Order shoe by Borgioli

Contact us directly at with the requests for customization.
Find a Made to Order shop/showroom in your city. Nowadays our retailers Made to Order by Borgioli are available in the following countries: Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Albania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Kenia. Please contact us on to find the nearest MTO shop/showroom to you.

the guarantee Made To Order by Borgioli

Every Made To Order shoe by Borgioli shall be accompanied by a guarantee certificate attesting:

  • shoe completely handmade in Italy with a high degree of craftsmanship, using high level raw materials and long-standing techniques
  • in which leather the shoe has been produced, who was in charge of cutting, closing, finishing shoe
  • name of the person responsible for production of the shoe

Made To Order by Borgioli – quality shoes

Every shoe Made To Order by Borgioli is achieved from a production process that guarantee a high level quality footwear.

how to recognize high-quality footwear?

Shoe factory Fratelli Borgioli has edited a brief guide in order to explain how recognize a high-quality shoe. For more information please download PDF guide.