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Spring Summer collection confirms the niche positioning of Fratelli Borgioli as a creator and manufacturer of beautiful and fancy shoes of ultimate quality.

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Limitless Options with Made To Order

Made To Order (MTO) is an exclusive service offered by Shoe factory Fratelli Borgioli which permits to customize shoe orders featuring many options

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Limitless Options with Made To Order

Tradition and Excellence, since 1946

Two brothers Renè and Valerio survived during the second world war thanks to their craft of shoemakers. After the war Borgioli brothers came back to their native town of Vinci and founded a small artisanal workshop

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Fratelli Borgioli factory can boast the technical capacity to produce various types of shoes, using modern and antique techniques of sole construction

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Creation of a New Shoe

The production process of every single shoe implies craftsmenship and collaboration of 40 artisans in our shoe factory. From sketch design to packaging, more than 200 hands touch every shoe giving their passion and dedication to the art of shoemaking

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