2018/2019 FALL/WINTER collection

The mood of the 2018/2019 fall/winter collection is inspired by Maremma Toscana.  This area has always been known for its history, its authentic character, and the beauty of its unspoiled nature.  These are the values that underlie Fratelli Borgioli, and that have always been its main source of inspiration.

Every line in this collection is named after a place in Maremma.  Colors are warm and full: chocolate, chestnut, tan, bordeaux, blue, forest green.  Materials range from hand-colored precious calfskin, to rough leathers, to chamois for sneakers and trekking shoes.

Inspired by the elegance of the famous medieval village.  The sharp, almost cutting lines of the toe box combine with the elegance of the shoe’s silhoutte.  The shoes are colored and antiqued by hand, starting from a colorless rough leather.  The satin treatment adds James-Bond-style refinement and exclusivity.

Representing the classical shoe in all its elegance.  Rounded toe, soft lines, precious details, full and shiny colors.  The sole’s construction, in Goodyear Flex or Black Flex rubber, make it light and flexible.  The indispensable look combined with the quality of materials and the intensity of colors.

This line combines comfort with a fashionable countryside look.  The hole designes add to the play of materials, to produce a perfect union of elegance and comfort.  This line offers a wide choice of models, soles, materials, and colors, to create a unique and special look.

Named after the birthplace of the company, represents the soul of Fratelli Borgioli’s collection.  Everything speaks of quality, dedication, passion: the hand stiching, the Goodyear construction, the leather sole with rock rubber, the leather welt. The rustic, no-frills design is bound to attract attention.

This line reprises the Rock & City concept already introduced by Fratelli Borgioli in previous collections. Grosseto boots have a very light rock rubber sole and a leather welt for extra comfort in winter conditions.  The upper is manufactured in hand-antiqued leather and tassel, or in chamois and leather, to give the feeling of a glove around your feet.  Thanks to their refined look and fashionable colors, these boots can be paired with elegant attire as well as sport clothes.

Inspired by the “butteri”, traditional herdsmen who are used to braving the challenges of nature and to taming animals. These boots have a “massive” look, and prominent hand stitches. For men who never compromise.

Tirrenian Sea, the market square, the autumn sun, the scent of pine trees.  The perfect occasion to show off your handmade Fratelli Borgioli sneakers and running shoes.  A combination of leather and neoprene for the running shoes, leather and lycra for the sneakers: extremely comfortable to wear, while maintaining the appeal of high-quality shoes.  A whim, like an off-season day at the seaside.