The 70 Year History of Borgioli Fratelli


It was the year 1946 when in Tuscany, as well as all around Italy, people began to rebuild the country on the ruins left by the Second World War.  In a small workshop, lying on soft green hills near Florence in the town of Vinci, two brothers started to make their first shoes.  Their names were Renè and Valerio – they are craf

tsmen.  Aimed with entrepreneurship and creativity, they worked together making shoes with their own two hands.  Every step of shoe making requires necessary time and care, and these two brothers honed their craftsmanship to obtain high quality footwear.


The shoes were handmade with the best tuscan cowhides and were highly sought after and gradually the two brothers gain more acknowledgement.  With the entrance of the second generation of Borgioli family in the early eighties, the shoe fact

ory acquired a corporate structure and the once tiny artisan workshop became much bigger, becoming the company Fratelli Borgioli.  Now, with a corporate headquarters and larger working facility, the two brothers can boast the development of their own footwear brand Fratelli Borgioli.  With their brand in place as well as their private label collaborations with high-end fashion brands,  luxury shoes made by Borgioli can be appreciated in Italy and abroad.


Nowadays the shoe factory Fratelli Borgioli works with both Italian and foreign clients.  Footwear brand is sold in footwear and tailoring boutiques in 30 foreign countries situated on 5 continents.

Fratelli Borgioli participates at the trade shows Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence and the Micam Shoe Fair in Milan. The collections are presented in the company showroom in Milan, at the FTL Moda’s showroom in New York and through the net of international partnerships in Europe, USA and Asia.  Fratelli Borgioli looks into the future with important expansion programs such as the construction of a new production facility that will be opened in 2018.